Join Airtex Products and work with the pride and professionalism of a U.S. manufacturing workforce producing fuel delivery system products of exceptional quality, unsurpassed coverage and unmatched support.

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Worldwide Coverage at Your Fingertips

Not only does Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems provide unsurpassed coverage for over 242 million vehicles in operation around the world today, but we also provide so many ways to access that coverage. Whether you are on a laptop or on a desktop, whether you are in your car or on your tablet, you can easily find the correct Airtex fuel pump to fit your needs.

Exceptional Quality For A Lifetime

For over 80 years, Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems has been designing and manufacturing fuel delivery system products with the precision, technical know-how, and expertise that meets or exceeds Original Equipment design specifications. Each pump is quality checked throughout the manufacturing process and is 100% end-of-line tested before it is packaged and shipped. This relentless focus on quality gives us the utmost confidence in our products allowing us to offer a lifetime-limited warranty available for all Airtex electric fuel pumps and electric fuel pump assemblies.

We Are Happy To Announce That Kyle Obendorf Has Joined The Airtex ASC Team

Kyle Obendorf has joined the Airtex/ASC team as Marketing Director. In this role, his primary focus will be to plan, develop and implement all marketing strategies, customer programs, marketing communications and public relations activities, both external and internal.

Airtex: More Than Just Replacement Fuel Pumps

Airtex is known for our high-quality fuel pumps. We have been in the fuel pump manufacturing business for more than 75 years. From our home in Fairfield, Illinois, we bring you the best in replacement fuel pumps and other parts for your fuel system. Whether you need a standard fuel pump to keep your daily driver on the road, or you are looking for something to increase your car's performance at the track, we have what you need. Airtex is more than just replacement parts for your car or light truck.

Helping Industry Partners With Our Category Management

It’s well known that Airtex offers unmatched support to counterpersons and DIYers when it comes to technical information and resources to install fuel pumps as well as diagnose and trouble shoot issues. Airtex also offers unmatched support to our industry partners by leading the industry in category management. 

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The Importance Of A Fuel Filter And How It Can Influence Your Fuel Pump

Compared to many of the other parts in an automobile, or even its fuel delivery system, the fuel filter has a relatively small role. With that said, it still serves a very vital purpose and, if neglected, can result in serious damage to a car. While those of us in the industry surely already know the importance of a fuel filter, here are some basic reasons to reinforce its critical role when talking to your customers.

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Modern-Day Fuel Gauges: A Primer

We all rely on a fuel gauge to avoid getting stranded without gas, but how does that fuel gauge work? And if it gets stuck on empty, full or somewhere in between, then what's the best way to troubleshoot it?

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Mass Airflow Sensor: An Easy Fix for Big Problems from a Little Instrument

The mass airflow (MAF) sensor measures the volume of air entering the engine so the Engine Control Unit (ECU) can calculate how much gasoline the fuel injectors should deliver to each cylinder in order to create the proper fuel-air ratio.

Solving Carbon Deposits In Direct Fuel Injection Engines

Symptom: Misfire codes, stumbling and suspicious fuel trim numbers. On a scan tool, the engine may show a loss in volumetric efficiency. The driver may complain about a loss of power, poor fuel economy and hard starts.

The Most Common Causes of Auto Vacuum Leaks

Despite the fancy computer equipment and sensors running modern-day cars, one problem keeps cropping up through the ages: an auto vacuum leak. A computer is only as good as its program and its input, and if the data has a problem, then there's only so much a computer can do to fix it.