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Find even more beneficial videos at Airtex’s new website,, the most comprehensive knowledge center for fuel delivery systems. Pump up your knowledge with all fuel pump SKUs (1500+), video links (8600+), VIO coverage of 212,000,000 and the most content in this category. These on-going interactive videos are just another tool in our commitment to unsurpassed quality, coverage and support.

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Airtex's product coverage is unsurpassed. Here's a sneak peek of our latest advertising campaign.


Airtex & ASC Industries, the world’s leading manufacturer of fuel pumps and water pumps, has expanded their VIN Scan Application coverage to include Android devices as well as iPhones and iPads. Available to download for free in the Android Market on Google and in the Apple App Store, the Airtex VIN scan app uses the smartphone’s camera to scan the vehicle identification number saving the user the time and trouble of punching in the multiple numbers.


Whether you use an Apple or Android mobile device your search for information on vehicle fuel pumps AND water pumps just got easier. Originally created for fuel delivery information on Apple devices, the latest version of the Airtex VIN Scan App now includes information on water pumps and cooling systems, and is available for use on Android devices too! The app is full of user-friendly resources like Airtex downloads, 360-degree product photography, installation videos, and free tech support.


For over 75 years, Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems has been designing and manufacturing fuel delivery system products with the precision, technical know-how, and expertise that meets or exceeds Original Equipment design specifications. Each pump is quality checked throughout the manufacturing process and is 100% end-of-line tested before it is packaged and shipped. This relentless focus on quality gives us the utmost confidence in our products allowing us to offer a lifetime-limited warranty available for all Airtex electric fuel pumps and electric fuel pump assemblies.


What is sustainability in regards to energy use? Sustainability means that the energy used meets present needs without compromising the needs of future generations. Achieving complete sustainability is a difficult task, especially since today, nearly all cars and trucks are fuel pump driven by gasoline--a non-renewable resource. There is a lot of debate as to how long this resource will continue without major changes. Luckily, the automotive industry is moving towards more sustainable fuel sources--consider four ways that this is happening, and think about how this could affect you.



The crankshaft position sensor is an integral part of the fuel delivery system. Often a vehicle has only a crankshaft sensor, but some manufacturers use a camshaft sensor or a combination of both. The crankshaft sensor features a toothed disc on a shaft and a stationary detector. The teeth on the disc generate a pulse as they rotate by the stationary detector. The faster the engine turns, i.e., the higher the RPM, the faster the pulses.


At Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems, we take pride not only in our unsurpassed coverage, but also strive to equal that coverage with unmatched customer support. Airtex covers over 230 million vehicles in operation today, including a full range of domestic and import cars and trucks, as well as medium/heavy duty vehicles. That means that almost every interstate, highway, and two-lane road in the U.S. and abroad has an Airtex product riding on it. We manufacture more than 1,800 product SKUs in the fuel delivery category and are adding to that growing number each month.


A successful auto technician has an organized and clean work space. Since auto techs usually work on an hourly wage system -- that is, they get paid per job according to a flat rate time listing, the quicker the job gets done, the more money an auto tech will make. For example, if a fuel pump calls for 3.5 hours and the tech takes 5 hours to do the job, the tech loses money. If the tech can do the job in 3 hours, he or she still gets paid for 3.5 hours. Thus, it is very important to have a maximized work space.


Manufacturing fuel pumps may not seem glamorous, but every now and then, Airtex employees are touched by Hollywood life. Just ask Craig Gottfried, our technical assistance representative, who has had been with Airtex for 19 years and has had two encounters with the glamour of Hollywood and southern California.


The QR code is a valuable Airtex tool. QR is short for Quick Response. These black and white codes can be scanned by the built-in camera on your smartphone or tablet, leading the viewer to a wealth of information about products, applications, and benefits.