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Covering Chrysler Vehicles Since 1942

Airtex Fuel Delivery System’s coverage of Chrysler products dates all the way back to 1942 vehicles like the Royal, Windsor, and Town and Country. In January of 1942, Chrysler was producing some of the last civilian vehicles before World War II. In February of that year, all of the major automobile makers had their production lines shut down and Chrysler turned its full attention to production of Sherman tanks for the war effort. After the war, Chrysler entered a period of tremendous growth as demand for cars and trucks increased.


Helping Industry Partners With Our Category Management

It’s well known that Airtex offers unmatched support to counterpersons and DIYers when it comes to technical information and resources to install fuel pumps as well as diagnose and trouble shoot issues. Airtex also offers unmatched support to our industry partners by leading the industry in category management. 

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Airtex: More Than Just Replacement Fuel Pumps

Airtex is known for our high-quality fuel pumps. We have been in the fuel pump manufacturing business for more than 75 years. From our home in Fairfield, Illinois, we bring you the best in replacement fuel pumps and other parts for your fuel system. Whether you need a standard fuel pump to keep your daily driver on the road, or you are looking for something to increase your car's performance at the track, we have what you need. Airtex is more than just replacement parts for your car or light truck.

Simple Diagnostic Tricks

If you learn a couple of simple diagnostic tricks, you may be able to save yourself some money – especially if you are mechanically inclined and can replace most parts on your vehicle yourself. The first part of diagnosing a problem is to determine whether the problem is in the fuel delivery system, the ignition system, or is another mechanical failure.

Proud Racing Partners

Airtex is proud to be partnering again this year with the Missouri S&T Formula SAE Racing team. The Formula Society of Automotive Engineers, or Formula SAE, is a collegiate design competition that challenges engineering students from around the world to design and build a small Formula-style racecar. Airtex partners with the Missouri S&T team by donating fuel pumps and fuel strainers for their prototype racecar.


Solving Carbon Deposits In Direct Fuel Injection Engines

Symptom: Misfire codes, stumbling and suspicious fuel trim numbers. On a scan tool, the engine may show a loss in volumetric efficiency. The driver may complain about a loss of power, poor fuel economy and hard starts.

The Most Common Causes of Auto Vacuum Leaks

Despite the fancy computer equipment and sensors running modern-day cars, one problem keeps cropping up through the ages: an auto vacuum leak. A computer is only as good as its program and its input, and if the data has a problem, then there's only so much a computer can do to fix it.

Mass Airflow Sensor: A Little Instrument with Big Implications

If your “Check Engine” light is on, you could have a dirty or faulty mass airflow sensor (MAF). This key component of your fuel delivery system detects how much air is entering the engine and reports this data to the Engine Control Unit (ECU). This allows the ECU to determine how much gasoline the fuel injectors should deliver to each individual cylinder in order to create a fuel-air ratio that will promote optimal performance. If the MAF sensor isn't working properly, your engine could be starved or overflowing with fuel, causing a number of problems and resulting in poor engine performance.

Pneumatic Tools: Not Just for Pit Crews, Part 2

Now that you've decided to switch your garage to pneumatics, how do you actually make the conversion? In Part 1, we explored why pneumatic tools are a great choice for working on vehicle fuel pumps and general household repairs. We also learned about compressors, the heart of any pneumatic system. Now, let's continue the process.

Pneumatic Tools: Not Just for Pit Crews, Part 1

When faced with a choice of electric wrenches, a tire iron, or an air gun, what do NASCAR® pit crews use? The fast, nifty air tools with cool sound effects, of course! But pneumatic tools aren't just for pros and race teams–they're an excellent investment for any do-it-yourselfer or car hobbyist, whether you're working on your fuel delivery system or just changing a tire. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we'll look at why you should use air tools and how to begin making the switch.