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Airtex Coverage - Past, Present, and Future

You can take a walk down memory lane if you scroll through the Vehicle search in our product catalog. Here you will see products that cover vehicles dating back over 70 years, like the 1942 Chevrolet Fleetline. That’s only a few years after 1935, the year Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems was founded, and even back then we were based on the same dedication to quality, coverage, and support that we strive for today.

Hands-On Support

Ever wonder how the Airtex tech support professionals really know what you are talking about when you call in with a question? It’s their hands-on experience. They literally have their hands on over 1,700 fuel pumps in the tech support department. The area is equipped with every fuel pump that Airtex manufactures and when our guys need to see exactly what you are asking about, every model is at their fingertips.


Great Product Deserves A Great Package

Every great product deserves a great package. And here, at Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems, we believe packaging is every bit as important as the product itself.

Our protective packaging ensures the exceptional quality of the product remains constant from the time it is put through its rigorous testing and put in the box to the time it is pulled off the shelf and out of the box.

Exceptional Quality. Unmatched Support.

Headquartered in Fairfield, Ill., Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems is the leading U.S. automotive aftermarket manufacturer of electrical and mechanical fuel delivery system components.

Did You Know?

One of every three pumps sold in the aftermarket is an Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems pump. Providing unsurpassed coverage for a full range of domestic and import vehicles means covering more than 241 million vehicles in operation today!


How to Boost Your Engine's Power without Breaking the Laws of Physics: Part 1

What's the best way to boost your standard engine's performance without getting into supercharging or other major modifications? Miracle products like special lubricants and fancy spark plugs offer lofty promises, but anything that breaks the laws of physics isn't going to work. Instead, in Part 1 of this series, try these quick methods for putting physics to work for you for enhanced power while preserving the engine's health.

What to Do if You Find No Battery Voltage

You have performed some basic engine tests. You proceed with fuel pressure and volume tests. And now you have started on the electrical tests, checking the battery for voltage drop on both the positive and negative circuits. But wait! You discover no voltage at the fuel pump side of the fuel pump connector. Now what?

Electronic Control Unit: Can't Drive Without It!

Most folks know that modern automobiles use an electronic fuel injection system, but how does it know how much fuel or air to deliver and when? This is where the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) comes in. Since it's a key part of the fuel injection system that performs multiple tasks, you won't get very far without it.

Camshaft Position Sensor and Its Effect on Injector Timing

In today’s vehicles, the camshaft and crankshaft sensors perform the same function as the distributor in early model vehicles. It’s a collaborative effort used to determine the exact position of the number 1 cylinder in respect to top dead center on the compression stroke.

Oxygen Sensor and Its Effect on Fuel Trim

The Powertrain Control Module (PCM), also referred to as the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), uses several sensors to create a fuel flow strategy. Its strategy always includes maintaining an average of 14.7:1 fuel ratio.