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Where Does It All Start?

It all starts with Airtex’s commitment to exceptional quality.  All of our products are designed to meet or exceed OE specifications. We improve upon OE design and, thereby, enhance performance and durability of the fuel delivery system components we build. Our engineers work tirelessly to identify improvements in order to enhance our products.

Covering Ford Vehicles Through The Years

Henry Ford’s vision changed the world and the way of life for many people. He wanted to make owning a car both practical and affordable. The moving assembly line and mass production techniques Ford developed set the standard worldwide.

Simple Diagnostic Tricks

If you learn a couple of simple diagnostic tricks, you may be able to save yourself some money – especially if you are mechanically inclined and can replace most parts on your vehicle yourself. The first part of diagnosing a problem is to determine whether the problem is in the fuel delivery system, the ignition system, or is another mechanical failure.

Proud Racing Partners

Airtex is proud to be partnering again this year with the Missouri S&T Formula SAE Racing team. The Formula Society of Automotive Engineers, or Formula SAE, is a collegiate design competition that challenges engineering students from around the world to design and build a small Formula-style racecar. Airtex partners with the Missouri S&T team by donating fuel pumps and fuel strainers for their prototype racecar.

Great Product Deserves A Great Package

Every great product deserves a great package. And here, at Airtex Fuel Delivery Systems, we believe packaging is every bit as important as the product itself.

Our protective packaging ensures the exceptional quality of the product remains constant from the time it is put through its rigorous testing and put in the box to the time it is pulled off the shelf and out of the box.


Pneumatic Tools: Not Just for Pit Crews, Part 2

Now that you've decided to switch your garage to pneumatics, how do you actually make the conversion? In Part 1, we explored why pneumatic tools are a great choice for working on vehicle fuel pumps and general household repairs. We also learned about compressors, the heart of any pneumatic system. Now, let's continue the process.

Pneumatic Tools: Not Just for Pit Crews, Part 1

When faced with a choice of electric wrenches, a tire iron, or an air gun, what do NASCAR® pit crews use? The fast, nifty air tools with cool sound effects, of course! But pneumatic tools aren't just for pros and race teams–they're an excellent investment for any do-it-yourselfer or car hobbyist, whether you're working on your fuel delivery system or just changing a tire. In Part 1 of this two-part series, we'll look at why you should use air tools and how to begin making the switch.

EGR Valves: Making Cars Greener for Decades

It turns out that electric vehicles aren't the only "green" cars on the road. Ordinary gas-fueled engines, whether three months old or 30 years old, use an EGR valve to prevent the formation of toxic nitrogen oxide compounds (NOX) that pollute the atmosphere. This simple valve works magnificently while lowering your engine's octane requirements, which reduces the risk of detonation, or spark knock. Let's look at the basics of EGR valve operation.

How to Boost Your Engine's Power without Breaking the Laws of Physics: Part 2

If you're looking for ways to squeeze more power out of your car's engine without getting into things like supercharging or breaking the laws of physics, here are a few hints to get you started! Check out Part 1 of this series for more ideas.

How to Boost Your Engine's Power without Breaking the Laws of Physics: Part 1

What's the best way to boost your standard engine's performance without getting into supercharging or other major modifications? Miracle products like special lubricants and fancy spark plugs offer lofty promises, but anything that breaks the laws of physics isn't going to work. Instead, in Part 1 of this series, try these quick methods for putting physics to work for you for enhanced power while preserving the engine's health.